The Secret to Enlightenment

Delight gives us a remarkable, life-changing, empowering energy that many people think of as a spontaneous healing or awakening experience. Many spiritual teachers have names for this simple gift. Grace, Bliss, Enlightenment, Awakening, Radiance, Ananda, Darshan or Deeksha. They are all referring to something very similar; a wondrous, catalyzing force that delight itself brings to us.

Delight is a head-to-toes, nose-to-soul-and-beyond elation of overwhelming joy, where you are so filled up with an absolute effusion of the lightness of your being, that you cannot help but expand it outwards, sharing it with everyone around you.

It is the most amazing experience a human being can ever encounter. It is, in a word, transcendental. Delight is miraculous in how it unfolds miracles in people’s lives. For in that moment of pure bliss, relationships can be healed, physical issues can disappear, and things are restored to perfect harmony.

This is the experience that leads you to transcending your limits, your mind, and your physicality and you have merged yourself with the Infinite and everything around you. It is the highest-resonating feeling and experience a human being can ever possibly encounter. In my experience, delight is the fastest, most rapid experience for spontaneous spiritual awakening and personal life transformation there is.The Meaning of Delight

There are secret meanings hidden in the language we use today. Every word we write or speak contains within it layers of deep, resonating vibrations and secret invocations.

Delight itself contains a secret reference to those who are filled with the vibrancy of Divine Light & Divine Love, which is why it is more frequently seen used in the ancient, sacred texts of old.

If you take a moment and think about the last time you were delighted with life, you might realize that you were so full of an incredible elation that you may have felt as if you were going to burst with it if you did not share it with someone else.

Delight has largely left our modern vocabulary stream except as a descriptor for childhood enthusiasm or when describing a decadent indulgence like chocolate, for example.


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You can be a maker of magic and a creator of wishes. You can be the guardian of dreams and the master of manifestation. You can bring world peace, end world hunger, or erect architectural wonders. The only permission that is required, is your own.

Delight is Magic. It is Divine Light Energy catalyzed by Divine Love in Motion that transforms all people in its wake in the blink of an eye.

I call these energies – light and love – divine, for they are incredibly powerful; traditionally held as sacred, to be respected, honored, and celebrated.

Delight is an ever-evolving, universal philosophy that you may use to create a fairly effortless life filled with passion, joy, abundance, and happiness.

True enlightenment is living in a perpetual state of EFFORTLESS JOY. It is blissful, wondrous, and magical. You will never find what you are looking for sitting around in lotus position for thirty years. True enlightenment through our experiences is a life-affirming combination of self-reflection and inspired action.Experiencing this begins with a choice.A choice that you can make at any moment.

Delight merges mind, body, and spirit together in vibrational harmony, igniting within you your passion and spirit. Every facet lights up from inside you with an intensity that only you can uniquely bring to your life and this world.

It is in our nature to spontaneously create in ways that give us immeasurable happiness. Our creations nourish our mind, body and spirit as we draw these opportunities from the field of potentiality. This is what being a child of the universe is all about.

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